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Buckeye Blade

Hand Crafted Medieval Spiked Ball Flail

Hand Crafted Medieval Spiked Ball Flail

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The Flail is a melee weapon that is commonly attributed to Medieval Germany and Central Europe. The flail was also called ball and chain or mace and chain as most often the flail featured a spiked single ball attached to a handle via metal chain. Medieval Flail is incredible. Own a true museum quality medieval flail with styling based on the actual items found in "digs" under and around the castles of Europe. This hand-crafted flail masterpiece features a blackened steel ball with spikes over 2-1/2" long attached to a blackened chain which is linked inside a hand wrought blackened steel bar. The bar of this medieval weapon flail is secured to a seared wood handle with handmade nails and has an overall extended length of over four feet! Awesome!

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